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Fresno Appeals Lawyers

Fresno Appeals Lawyers

The Fresno appeals lawyers that work for our firm are some of the best around. If your lower court trial ends up with a misdemeanor or felony decision made against you, you have the right to appeal this decision with an appellate court. Because there are different procedures and policy requirements with the Fresno appeals process, you should consult with a knowledgeable appeals attorney in Fresno. At Beles Law, we are an exceptional appeals law firm in Fresno with experienced appeals lawyers to help you with your specific case.

What Is A Case on Appeal?

After your lawyer files a Notice of Appeal, both the trial court and the appellate court are notified that you will be appealing the lower court’s decision about your case. At this point, your appeals attorney in Fresno or Sacramento will prepare a document called a Case on Appeal detailing your testimony and other pertinent information for the appellate court to review. This information allows the court to understand the facts of your appeal before your case is presented in the appellate court.

How Does The Fresno Appeals Process Work?

The appellate court will read through the appellate brief supporting your position, challenging the findings, and outlining any errors made in the lower court during your initial trial. Your appeals attorney in Fresno or San Francisco will then present an oral argument backing up the information presented in the appellate brief. The oral argument is performed in front of a panel of judges where they can ask your attorney questions about your case. Because the oral argument is the last chance to persuade the panel of judges to see your side, hiring outstanding Fresno appeals lawyers is vital for you to win an appeal. Once the oral arguments have been made, the appeals court will issue their final decision on the matter. This final decision could go one of two directions. 1. The appellate court grants your appeal and you have won your case. This is where the Fresno appeals process would end. 2. The appellate court sends your case back for another trial. You can choose to keep your appellate attorney to help you with a Petition for Rehearing or a Petition for Review at the Supreme Court level.

Choose A Quality Appeals Law Firm In Fresno

If you wish to appeal your case, it is wise to choose the best possible attorney to help you through the process. If you wish to discuss your options with a professional San Jose or Fresno appeals lawyer then contact us here at Beles Law today for a free consultation.

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