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Concord Domestic Violence Lawyers

domestic violence lawyers in Concord
In Concord, and just like any other city in the world, it is not uncommon for two people to find themselves in disagreement. However, when this elevates to violence, it is against the law in California. If you are charged with domestic abuse, you need the help of a Concord domestic violence lawyer. California law allows offenders to be charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Depending on the circumstances, you could be facing strict punishment. The Concord domestic violence lawyers at Beles & Beles will offer the best defense you can get. Choosing a skilled lawyer to handle your domestic violence claims in Concord may help you lower the severity of your penalties, face less jail time, or have your case completely dismissed. Victims are assured to receive protection as well.

Our Concord Domestic Violence Attorneys Make Things Simple

Often, domestic violence cases involve married people and their children. This makes things complicated. Most times, a simple domestic violence claim starts with a small fight that gets out of control. Neighbors may call the police who arrive and arrest one of the parties.

In other cases, one person takes out a restraining order against another person. This may be for true protection, or it may be filed under false pretenses. At Beles & Beles, we are Concord domestic violence attorneys with experience in handling false domestic violence claims in Concord. We will help you get your life back on track.

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Concord Know The Law

The state of California goes to great lengths to hamper domestic violence. The most common cases involve spouses, intimate friends, or relatives. The Concord domestic violence lawyers at our office supply an aggressive defense to those accused of hurting someone else. This behavior includes sexual assault, bodily injury, threats of violence, or violating restraining orders. California has a large team of prosecutors in the District Attorney’s office that handles these cases. For a proper defense, you need a knowledgeable Concord domestic violence lawyer on your side.

Consider Beles & Beles For Domestic Violence Cases And Restraining Orders

Our team of domestic violence lawyers in Concord has over three decades of experience fighting for our clients. We provide assistance to both victims and accused abusers. When you are facing a domestic violence case, call us for a free consultation. We will offer support and our expertise to get you successful results. Call our law office in Concord today.

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