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White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crime Lawyers

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White Collar crime is an umbrella term for many different types of accusations. Embezzlement from a business, real estate crime, tax fraud, internet crimes and simple theft could be characterized as white collar crime. The Law Offices of Robert J. Beles can help you in all aspects of white collar crime accusations, from the beginnings of an investigation, the service of search warrants, interviews with agencies, through negotiations, if that is your desire, or a jury trial. We can help you.


White collar crime accusations can begin as simply as a company meeting asking about some financial irregularities. Often, law enforcement may be contacted without you even knowing. Please call us as soon as an issue arises in your business. Also, computer crimes can be investigated remotely. Call us to explore what your options are.

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Search warrants

Law enforcement sometimes comes to your home or business and serves a search warrant. This is a frightening situation. Do not speak with law enforcement about anything until you speak to us, criminal law specialists. Occasionally, law enforcement will try to convince you that they have your best interests in mind – do not be fooled. They are investigating allegations of wrongdoing. Our criminal defense law firm can help you through this process.

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We represent corporations in any criminal investigation by regulatory or law enforcement agencies. Some companies suffer from inadequate record-keeping or inappropriate number-crunching. Many managers and would-be owners of new companies need our guidance in avoiding the potential pitfalls that a corporation may face in the criminal law area. Contact our experienced lawyers if you have questions about how to protect your company.

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Contractor Fraud

We have experience in representing companies charged with defense contract fraud. We have provided defense for companies on a number of occasions. We were successful after meeting with the United States Department of Defense representative in Washington, D.C.

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Internet Crime

Companies that conduct business on the Internet may benefit from consultation with a criminal lawyer. We can advise companies. We can help your business with any of its Internet crime-related questions.

People are sometimes prosecuted for accessing, often inadvertently, inappropriate images on the Internet. Please see our Sex Offenses page for further information about this area.

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Real estate fraud

Law enforcement has taken an unfair view of some real estate transactions. Please see our Real Estate Fraud page for more information.

During the real estate boom and bust of the last ten years, many people were led into questionable loans by overzealous agents and brokers. Sometimes, years later, law enforcement comes to the aid of the predatory banks and attacks the mortgage holders. We are familiar with these types of prosecutions and can help you from under these accusations.

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Embezzlement is the taking of property from an employer. During these hard times, sometimes people dip into the company pot to save themselves from poverty. We know how to help you through these allegations – using factual investigation and persuasive presentation of what you or your loved one was going through when these issues came up.

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Grants/Student Loans

Sometimes non-profit organizations run afoul of criminal laws, often through omission. We can help your organization get on the right side of the law as it relates to grants and use thereof. Also, student loan processing has become very complicated and confusing – sometimes resulting in errors. We can help you if you are in trouble with law enforcement about your student loans.

Recently, in Southern California, there was an extremely successful result in a federal fraud lawsuit because approximately three months before the trial, one of the large law firms, after years of litigation and billing, had the good sense to retain an independent good, tough, very experienced trial lawyer to lead their team. The trial lawyer (experienced with over 100 trials – like us) picked up her tools, put on the gloves and went to work. When the dust cleared, she won a resounding victory. The point being- hire experienced trial lawyers. Call us.

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To schedule a consultation now regarding white collar crime, mortgage crimes, internet crimes, embezzlement, or real estate fraud, contact the Law Offices of Robert J. Beles today. Our criminal attorneys represent individuals throughout the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area including Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

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