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We believe that an informed client can help in the defense of his/her case. We review and share with a client all discovery received from the prosecutor. This means copies of all police reports, audio and video tapes, witness statement, scientific evidence such as DNA, ballistics, blood work, expert opinions.

We Formulate A Defense Plan - All Federal and State Cases

All cases are different but we always have a defense plan based on experience and tactics. Often the defense is simply a failure of the prosecution to prove the case. The burden is on the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Good cross examination can create that doubt. Others might require self-defense or accident. A sexual assault might simply never have happened or, in some cases, sex occurred but the act was consensual and, therefore, not a crime.

Legal Motions

Motions to suppress, or to reveal informants, or to discover background information on the police, are crucial. All legal pressure that can be applied will be applied to win the case.


We thoroughly investigate the case. This means taking the statements of witnesses, independently testing the evidence, DNA, fingerprints, ballistics. We analyze the crime scene, take photos, use a lie detector, consult with experts - whatever it takes to win your case.

Aggressive Defense of Your Case

Our thorough, aggressive approach applies to all stages of your case: Bail, Arraignment, Motions, all the way through Trial and Sentencing, if needed, New Trial, Appeal. We assign 2 attorneys to every case. This way, you can always reach an attorney that knows about your case.

We Get the Best Results - Avoid Jail

Criminal accusations can be devastating unless dealt with in a discreet, sensitive, professional manner. Let a specialist & our team of experienced Investigators & Experts help you. We are experienced, we work hard, and we care.
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Robert Beles - State Certified Criminal Law Specialist
Anne Beles - State Certified Criminal Law Specialist
Paul McCarthy - State Certified Appellate Law Specialist
Emilio Parker - State Certified Immigration Law Specialist
California Board of Legal Specialization

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    Why Hire A State Bar Certified Specialist?

    If you had a serious illness, wouldn't you want to be treated by a doctor who specialized in that area? Criminal Law is serious. The State Bar certifies legal specialists to help the public identify attorneys who have demonstrated proficiency in specialized fields of law. What Does it Mean When an Attorney is a "Certified" Specialist? A Certified Specialist is more than just an attorney who specializes in a particular area of law. A California attorney who is certified by the State Bar has had to meet certain high standards.

    A certified specialists is required to have:

    • Taken and passed a written examination in Criminal Law
    • Demonstrated a high level of experience in Criminal Law
    • Fulfilled ongoing education requirements
    • Been favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges familiar with her or his work
    What Can a Certified Criminal Law Specialist Do for You?
    • Fully advise you
    • Vigorously defend you through all stages of your case
    • Help you protect your rights
    • Help you effectively handle your case from start to finish
    Robert and Anne Beles are both State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialists.

    Demand this official Certification when your freedom is at stake.

    Sunday, April 14, 2024

    San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

    If you or someone you know has been accused of a sex crime, you know how ruinous the consequences can be. Sensitive cases involving sex offense charges should be handled confidentially and professionally by an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

    At the Law Offices of Robert J. Beles, our San Francisco, California, sex crimes defense attorneys can help protect your legal rights if you’ve been charged with statutory rape, solicitation, possession of child pornography or other sex offense. We provide skilled, aggressive sex crimes defense when your very freedom is at stake. Let our Certified Criminal Law Specialist* and our team of experienced investigators and experts go to work for you. Contact the Law Offices of Robert Beles today to schedule a free consultation with one of our sex crimes defense lawyers.

    Aggressive Defense of Criminal Sex Charges in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Our Oakland sex crimes defense lawyers defend clients against all types of alleged sexual misconduct, including:

    • Aggravated Sexual Assault
    • Child Sexual Abuse
    • Child Molestation
    • Internet Child Pornography
    • Internet Minor Solicitation / Minor Enticement
    • Fondling
    • Lewd Conduct / Indecent Exposure
    • Prostitution
    • Rape / Sexual Assault
    • Statutory Rape / Date rape

    Sexual assault involves any unwanted sex act, including statutory rape, which is sexual activity with someone under the legal age of consent. Date rape is forced sexual activity between non-strangers during a social event. Whatever the circumstances of an alleged sex crime, individuals convicted of rape face serious penalties.

    When Your Freedom is at Stake

    When convicted of even the most serious of crimes, such as homicide, criminals suffer the consequences and their punishment comes to an end. Unlike other convicted criminals, however, sex offenders are punished for the rest of their lives, even if charges involve sexual battery. Sex offender registration has devastating consequences and can ruin a person’s life. Convicted sex offenders must register with the local police every year for a lifetime and every time they move to a new city. Our San Jose sex crimes defense team can help, even if you are a repeat sex offender.

    Sentences for even non-violent sex offenses such as pandering or illegal possession of porn still range from stiff fines and community service to felony charges and jail time. Whether you’ve been arrested for a non-violent misdemeanor sex offense or a violent felony sex offense, such as forcible rape, ensure your legal rights are protected by calling our California criminal defense law firm to discuss the facts of your case.

    Whether you are under investigation for statutory rape charges, you’ve been accused of child sex abuse, or you’ve been accused of any sex crime, know that we have helped many people — just like you — who were accused of similar sex offenses to avoid prison time and sex offender registration.

    Today, more attention than ever is given to sex crimes. If you or someone close to you has been accused of or arrested for statutory rape or a different sex crime, it is important to contact a sex crimes defense attorney immediately. Contact the Law Offices of Robert J. Beles for sound advice and zealous criminal defense.

    *Defense Attorney Robert J. Beles is certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the California State Bar, Board of Legal Specialization.

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    California Attorneys for Criminal Justice Avvo Rating 10.0 - Robert J. Beles AILA Best of Oakland Winner
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