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Criminal Defense Attorneys Dublin

Criminal defense attorneys in Dublin at the Law Offices of Robert J. Beles represent people who are accused of a broad range of crimes. Robert and Annie Beles are Dublin defense attorneys who are California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialists; this puts them in a unique position to develop a good strategy for criminal defense in Dublin.

  • Gun Law
    – Our Dublin attorneys have defended many people accused of crimes involving fire arms as well as other types of weapons. Charges related to doing something illegal with a gun are very serious.
  • Theft
    – Grand theft, petty theft and burglary related charges can be serious depending on the situation. Our Dublin theft and larceny attorneys can help you minimize your exposure to serious penalties related to these types of charges by managing so case to achieve the best outcome.
  • Fraud
    – If you have been accused of fraud you may need to speak with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Dublin. We offer a free case evaluation to people accused of crimes.
  • Embezzlement
    – Our Dublin embezzlement lawyers have defended people accused of serious calculated financial schemes. Because the nature of embezzlement charges relates to a premeditated act the penalties can be severe. We can help you defend your freedom.
  • Real Estate Fraud
    – If you need real estate fraud lawyer in Dublin please consider the Law Offices of Robert J. Beles.
  • Tax Fraud
    – Tax fraud is a very serious charge. The government tries very hard to make an example out people charged with tax fraud. Don’t be a victim, call our criminal defense lawyers in Dublin today for a free case evaluation. We will listen to your situation and explain how we can help.
  • White Collar Crimes
    – The term white collar crimes usually refers to fraud or embezzlement or other crime that is committed without violence. Being charged with a white collar crime can be more serious than committing a violent crime.
  • Federal Crimes
    – If you are facing prosecution under federal criminal law it is very important to consider hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Our Dublin attorneys have many people avoid stiff mandatory sentences by providing a proper defense strategy.
  • Probation, Parole
    – The court system often places people on probation or parole. This is basically an agreement to behave a certain way for a certain period or face incarceration. If you are facing a parole or probation violation call us today for a free consultation. Our criminal defense lawyers in Dublin can explain how we can help.
  • Criminal Records, Expungements
    – We are Dublin record clearance lawyers. Call now for more information.
  • Immigration, Deportation
    – Our Dublin immigration lawyers can help you avoid deportation and other punishments that occur as the result of a crime.

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